3D Sensing and AI Digital Signal Processing for Array Lidar Systems

3D Sensing for Array Lidar Systems:

3D sensing becomes an important signal processing technique for Lidar systems for autonomous car and VR/AR/MR systems.  This research cooperates with Prof. Fan-Yi Lin and Prof. Meng-Chi Wu of NTHU EE to develop an integated array sensing chaotic lidar systems. Our research focuses on the design of hardware-oriented 3D depth image reconstruction DSP algorithms/architecture, implementation of the 3D DSP on FPGA and ASIC chips and the integration to array lidar sysems. The AI-based active noise control will be designed and developed in the 3D depth image reconstruction and improve the detection accuracy of the Lidar system.  

Research topics: 3D depth image reconstruction processor for array chaotic lidar system.

Array Sensing Chaotic Lidar Systems
3D depth image reconstruction for Chaotic Lidar (Courtesy of Prof. Fan-Yi Lin)