For graduate and undergraduate students

Highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students are always welcome to visit our group. If you are interested in optoelectronics soft-matter, while enjoying starting up our laboratory from scratch together, doing research with learning something new and speaking English in the lab, you are most welcome to join our group. Contact oh-e[at]

Postdoctoral Positions

We always look for postdoc candidates. The availability of postdoctoral positions depends on the funding circumstances in our lab. Please contact oh-e[at] for the opportunity.

Features of our laboratory

We are currently focusing on….

  1. Molecular alignment and orientation in organic thin films using linear and nonlinear optics.
  2. Fabrication of thin films controlling molecular alignment for next generation optoelectronics.
  3. Manipulating the mid-infrared and terahertz light using liquid crystals.

Keywords of our studies

As targets for research,

Molecular alignment, Orientation, Surface, Interface, Organic thin film, Organic semiconductor, Biomolecule, Soft-Matter, Liquid crystal, Organic light-emitting-diode, Display, Optoelectronics, … etc.

As probing techniques,

Linear optics, Ellipsometry, Nonlinear optics, Second-harmonic generation, Sum-frequency generation, … etc.

If you are interested in materials and molecules for organic optoelectronics, why don’t we work together!!

For industry people

Our main purpose is to build up a framework that sustains industry for Taiwan on the next generation optoelectronic devices such as displays from the viewpoints of materials science. Ideally, our mission from industry as a new faculty is to play an important role as interface between academia and industry in Taiwan. Our activities are important to understand materials science in optoelectronics devices; however, they cannot be promoted in industry because the targeted research is rather fundamental. In OESM Lab, we are constantly looking for a collaborative company that understands our research on materials and support each other’s activities. If you are interested in our group activities, please contact oh-e[at]

Optoelectronics Soft-Matter Lab

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