2D Materials Integration and Engineering

In addition to graphene, many newly discovered chalcogenides, oxides, and complex compounds are layered materials, showing a wide range of physical properties. We are interested in designing hybrid heterostructures to integrate the unique physical and interfacial properties of these emerging materials. By using state-of-the-art semiconductor nanofabrication techniques, we will further integrate these hybrid materials with various gate dielectrics, metal contacts or prepatterned architectures on chip. This work could enable material architectures that exhibit functional or controllable electrical, optical, and mechanical properties.

Advanced Material Characteriza- tions

In our lab, a diverse array of electrical transport, optical spectroscopy, and mechanical spectroscopic techniques are implemented as powerful tools for probing the basic optoelectronic and mechanical characteristics of our developed heterostructures. Our current research aims are: (1) to understand and manipulate the dynamics of photoinduced charge, spin and valley-pseudospin in 2D materials and their heterostructures, and (2) to utilize nanomechanical resonators to probe the mechanical characteristics of novel 2D materials, including the elastic modulus, strain fields, thermal transport, and other properties tied to their lattice structures.

Atomically-thin Opto-electronics for Integrated Photonics

In addition to 2D materials integration and characterization, our ultimate goal is to exploit heterostructures to develop novel nanodevices aimed towards addressing current technical challenges. Current research efforts are: (1) to develop atomically-thin photodetectors and light-emitters with performance comparable to traditional bulk optoelectronics, (2) to develop spin- or valley-dependent optoelectronics based on 2Ds, and (3) to expand the range of 2D devices from single optical elements to system level by integrating with CMOS circuits or Si photonics.



Low-dimensional Electronics Mechanics and Photonics

NTHU, Department of Electrical Engineering & Institute of Photonics Technologies No. 101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013, R.O.C

The Liu Research Lab.

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