Chao-Tsung Huang




EE5254 Advanced Digital Design Flow
Graduate (Spring 2023)
Prerequisites: IC Design Laboratory

This course aims to provide essential digital design techniques for the post-Moore era. It covers an advanced digital design flow with TSMC educational pakage, N16 ADFP, and includes FinFET library usage, power gating, and bottom-up hierarchial flow. Several advanced techniques are also introduced, such as CCS modeling, MMMC analysis, asynchronous FIFO, and flip-chip routing.




EE4292 IC Design Laboratory
Undergraduate (Spring 2014, Fall 2014-2022)
Prerequisites: Logic Design, Introduction to IC Design

This course provides a basic but complete digital cell-based design flow with an advanced cell library. It is about how to implement your ideas into silicon through many abstraction layers (Idea → Hardware Description Language → Gate-level Netlist → Physical Layout) and also how to make sure the function and performance are met. Verilog HDL, logic synthesis, and physical placement and routing will be taught for the implementation of abstraction transitions, and essential verification methods will be also introduced.




EE6620 Computational Photography
Graduate (Spring 2016-2022)
Prerequisites: Linear Algebra, Probability, Digital Signal Processing, Python

Computational photography studies problems about image capture and processing that uses digital computation. For pictures captured by traditional photography, it can alleviate some common problems, e.g. image noise in low-light condition, blurred images for long exposure time, over-exposure under sunlight. In addition to quality improvement, it can also generate novel pictures for different applications, such as panorama stitching, free-viewpoint synthesis, digital refocusing, and video frame interpolation. This course introduces computational photography in four different aspects: image formation, optimization-based image processing, convolutional neural networks, and selected topics.



EE3660 Introduction to DSP
Undergraduate (Spring 2019-2020)
Prerequisites: Signals and Systems, Linear Algebra




EE6650 Video Signal Processing
Graduate (Fall 2013, Spring 2015, Fall 2016)
Prerequisites: Probability, Linear Algebra, Signals and Systems

Digital video is everywhere nowadays and already accounts for more than 60% of all consumer internet traffic as of 2013. This course offers a graduate-level introduction to the fundamentals of video signal processing, especially on video coding and stereo applications. Both theoretical backgrounds and practical image/video coding formats will be covered.