Yi-Wen Liu


Publication List (updated in April 2021) 

Journal Papers (selected)

Chou, H.-C., Liu, Y.-W., and Lee, C.-C. (2021). "Automatic deception detection using multiple speech and language communicative descriptors in dialogs," APSIPA Trans. Signal and Info. Process., 10(e5), 1-9. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/ATSIP.2021.6

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Book Chapters

Liu, Y.-W. (2012). “Hilbert transform and its applications,” in Fourier Transforms Applications, pp. 291-300. Rijeka, Croatia: Intech open-source publisher.

Liu, Y.-W. and Neely, S.T. (2012). “Quasilinear cochlear responses to noise can result from instantaneous nonlinearities,” to appear in What Fire is in Mine Ears: Progress in Auditory Biomechanics, C. A. Shera and E. Olson (Eds.). New York: American Institutes of Physics, pp. 218-223.

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Conference Papers (selected)

Chih-Yuan Koh, You-Siang Chen, Yi-Wen Liu, Mingsian Bai (2021). "Sound event detection by consistency training and pseudo-labeling with feature-pyramid convolutional recurrent neural networks," to appear in IEEE Int. Conf. Acoust., Speech, & Signal Process. (ICASSP), Toronto, June 2021.

Chih-Hsiang Huang, Po-Hao Wu, Yi-Wen Liu, Shan-Hung Wu (2021). "Attacking and defending behind a psychoacoustics-based CAPTCHA," to appear in ICASSP, Toronto, June 2021.

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