Po-Chiun Huang 黃柏鈞


  Professor 教授
  Department of Electrical Engineering 電機系
  National Tsing Hua University 國立清華大學

Contact Information:

Office: Delta Building, R952 (台達館952室)
Tel: +886 3 5162203
Fax: +886 3 5715971
E-mail: pchuang at ee nthu edu tw

Student: Delta Building, R931 (台達館931室)

Cognitive System Integration Group

For the students who are intrested in our group 

Brief Biography:

Po-Chiun (P.-C.) Huang received Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from National Central University, Taiwan.

In the summers of 1992 and 1996, he interned at Computer and Communication Research Lab (ITRI, Taiwan), and Wireless Circuits and Systems dept (Lucent tech, NJ, USA), to investigate the circuit techniques for optical and wireless communication systems. From 2000 to 2002, He was with MediaTek Inc., working on the chipset design for optical storage products. Since 2002 he joined National Tsing Hua University. His current research interests include mixed-signal hardware prototype and IC design for cognitive technologies.

He is the associate chair of NTHU EE department, TPC analog subcommittee chair of IEEE A-SSCC, and TPC analog/RF subcommittee co-chair of IEEE VLSI-DAT.

Research Interests:

Cognitive System for Healthcare and Sport 健康與運動科技中之感知技術
Signal Conditioning and Processing 感知系統中之訊號處理與分析
Front-End Prototype and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit 混合訊號IC電路與雛型系統整合

成果簡介 (2020.10)

Courses: (Please refer to NTHU eeclass system)

2021 Fall EE5230 Analog Circuit Design 類比電路設計
Course Remarks 修課前說明 (Week 1)
2021 Spring EE2255 Electronics 電子學
2021 Spring/Fall EE3900 Special Topic on Implementation I, II 實作專題一, 二

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