Funded Projects

Projects as PI:

           “Crowd AI - Distributed Learning, Aggregation, and Privacy”

MOST 107-2634-F-007-005 (2018~2021; PI) [AI Innovation Center Program]

            “Large-Scale Cyber-Physical Data Analysis for Human-Centric Learning, Recommendation, and Behavior Shaping”

MOST 106-3114-E-007-005 (2017~2018; PI)

           Physical Layer Secret Communications with Shared Secret Keys”

MOST 105-2221-E-007-019-MY3 (2016~2018; PI)

           “Renewable Energy Enabled Small Cell Networks”

NSC 102-2221-E-007-016-MY3 (2013~2016; PI)

           “Data Transmission and Training Signal Design for Physical Layer Secret Communications” 

NSC 100 - 2628 - E - 007 - 025 - MY3 (2011~2014; PI)

           “Design of Cooperative Networks with High Performance and Quality-of-Service – Sub-project 4Channel-Aware Transmission Control for Cooperative Networks” 

NSC 98-2221-E-007-059-MY2 (2009~2011; PI)

           “Advanced MIMO Technologies for Future Distributed and Cognitive Communication Systems – Sub-project 1Physical Layer Security and Secrecy via Distributed Beamforming in Cooperative Networks” 

NSC 98-2219-E-007-004 (2009~ 2010; PI)

           “Cooperative Communications for Random Access Networks” 

NSC 96-2628-E-007-012-MY2 (2007-2009; PI)

           “Data-Centric Cooperative Transmissions for Large Scale Sensor Networks”

NSC 95-2221-E-007-043-MY3 (2006-2009; PI) 

Industry Projects:

           “Artificial Intelligence for Wireless Communications”
Qualcomm (2019; PI)

           “Electronic Software and Hardware Platform for Smart Shoe Applications,”
Foxconn Inc (2018-2020; Co-PI)

           “Physical Layer Security and Performance Enhancement for Cooperative D2D Communications” 

Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan (2016; PI)

           “Physical Layer Security Enhancement Technology”

Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan (2015; PI)

           Demand-Side Management in Universities and Enterprise Campuses

Delta Electronics, Inc. (2014~2015; PI)

Projects as Co-PI:

           “Development of Advanced Multiple Access Technologies for Wireless Communications”

MOST 103-2218-E-007-020 (2014-2017; Co-PI) [PI: C.-L. Wang]

           “Advanced Sensing Network, System Control and Integration”

MOST 102-2221-E-007-034-MY3 (2013-2016; Co-PI) [PI: R.-S. Chen]

           “An Advanced Telematics System for Safety, Energy Conservation, and Recreation – Sub-project 1: Fleet Management Services in Vehicular Networks: An Energy-Efficient Driving and Ride-Sharing System ”

NSC 98-2219-E-007-010- (2009-2012; Co-PI) [PI: Y.-C. Tseng]

           “RF Front End and Adaptive Communications Techniques for Cognitive Radio Applications”

NSC 98-2218-E-009-008-MY3 (2009-2012; Co-PI) [PI: C.-C. Meng]

           “Design of Cooperative Networks with High Performance and Quality-of-Service”

NSC 98-2221-E-007-058-MY2 (2009-2011; Co-PI) [PI: W.-T. Chen]

           “Advanced MIMO Technologies for Future Distributed and Cognitive Communication Systems”

NSC 98-2219-E-007-003- (2009-2010; Co-PI) [PI: C.-Y. Chi]

           “House Elf – Mobile Service Care of Psycho Physio Perception”

NSC 97-3114-E-007-002 (2008-2011; Co-PI) [PI: J.-A. Yeh]

           “Cooperative Communication Networks – QoS Supports in Cooperative Communication Networks”

NSC 97-2221-E-007-037- (2008-2009; Co-PI) [PI: W.-T. Chen]

           “4G Heterogeneous All-IP Core Network”

NSC 95-2221-E-007-009 (2006-2009; Co-PI) [PI: W.-T. Chen]

           “QoS Support for 4G Heterogeneous All-IP Core Network”

NSC 95-2221-E-007-010 (2006-2009; Co-PI) [PI: W.-T. Chen]

           “Advanced Technologies for OFDM Wireless Communications with Applications to UWB Systems”

NSC 95-2221-E-007-001 (2006-2008; Co-PI) [PI: C.-Y. Chi]