Lin, Shuang-Wen

Lin, Shuang-Wen (1756-1788): The leader of the largest armed insurrection in Taiwan under the Manchurian rule (1683-1895). He was born in Fukian, China, and  immigrated to central Taiwan (present Tai-Chung county) with his father in 1773. He became the leader of an underground anti-Manchurian organization in Taiwan. In 1786, he launched an uprising from central Taiwan against the corrupted Manchu officials, which spread throughout the entire island soon. The Manchurian garrison forces collapsed, and the first two reinforcements from mainland failed to reverse the tide either. Emperor Chien-Lung finally dispatched the governor-general prince Fu-Kang-An, with 9,000 elite forces to quell the unrest. Lin was captured and executed in the imperial capital Beijin in 1788.

Military monument (3.1M high, 1.4M wide) in Chiayi Park for the victory of Fu-Kang-An over the Lin, Shuang-Wen insurrection. It was built in 1788 under the grant of Emperor Chien-Long, with Chinese and Manchurian inscriptions.