Chen, Cheng-Po

Chen, Cheng-Po (1895-1947): A pioneering Taiwanese artist with western painting skills. He was born in Chiayi, Taiwan. He received western academism in Tokyo Art Academy. His work was accepted by the 7th Imperial Art Exposition of Japan (1926), which was the first of all Taiwanese artists. After his graduation in 1929, he became a professor of art in Shanghai, China. His work was highly honored by the 1st National Art Exposition of China (1931), and attended the World Fair in Chicago, USA. He returned Taiwan in 1933, and founded "Tai-Yang Art Association" in 1934 (which became the primary art community in Taiwan). He served as Chiayi city counselor, but was tragically murdered during the 228 incident as he tried to negotiate with the KMT station troops.


"Nostalgia" (1941), oil painting, by Chen, Cheng-Po. This work depicts the street corner nearby my home (93, Anle Street). The western-style tower in the painting belongs to the Huang's family to date (102, Anle Street).