• Photoacoustics

  • Research websites
    [1] Oregon Medical Laser Center (Optical Spectra)
    [2] The Diebold Group (Brown University)
    [3] UCL Photoacoustic Imaging Group  (Prof. Paul Beard, University College London)
    [4] Optical Imaging Laboratory (Prof. Lihong Wang, Washington University in St. Louis)
    [5] Ultrasound Imaging and Therapeutics Research Laboratory (Prof. Stanislav Emelianov, UT Austin)
    [6] Optical and Ultrasound Imaging Lab(Prof. Quing Zhu, University of Connecticut)
    [7] Viator Lab(Prof. John A. Viator, University of Missouri)

    Simulation tools
    [1] k-Wave: a Matlab Toolbox for Photoacoustic Simulation (UCL Photoacoustic Imaging Group)

    Company websites
    [1] OptoSonics
    [2] TomoWave Laboratories
    [3] Seno Medical Instruments Inc.

  • Ultrasound

  • Research websites
    [1] Institute of High Frequency Engineering (Prof. Dr.-Ing.H.Ermert)
    [2] Research Laboratory of Dr. Katherine W. Ferrara (UC Davis)
    [3] Center for Industrial and Medical Ultrasound (APL, Univ. of Washinton)
    [4] Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging (DTU)
    [5] John Hossack Research Activities (UVA)
    [6] Diagnostic Ultrasound: Adaptive, Flow, and Radiation Force Based Imaging (Prof. Gregg Trahey, Duke)
    [7] Resource Center for Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Technology (Prof. Kirk K. Shung,USC)
    [8] Virginia Medical Ultrasound Technology Group (UVA)
    [9] Laboratoire Ondes et Acoustique (Prof.  Mathias Fink, Univ. Paris VII)
    [10] Ultrasonic Imaging Laboratory (Prof. Pai-Chi Li, NTU)
    [11] Ultrasonic Imaging Laboratory at Illinois (Insana Lab, Elastography, Phantom and Patient Data download)

    Simulation tools
    [1] Field II - Ultrasound Simulation Program (Prof. J. A. Jensen, DTU)
    [2] DREAM toolbox - Spatial Impulse Response Calculation (F. Lingvall, Uppsala University, Sweden)

    Company websites
    [1] IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control
    [2] Philips
    [3] GE Medical Systems
    [4] Siemens
    [5] VisualSonics
    [6] Supersonic Imagine

  • Misc.

  • Useful
    [1] Molecular Expressions (Fundamentals of Optical Microscopy)
    [2] Transtronics (Electronics)
    [3] HyperPhysics
    [4] The Visual Dictionary
    [5] OneLook Dictionary Search
    [6] Prof. Jian-Jiun Ding's Lab training materials (Useful skills of programming, office, writing, and research)
    [5] Prof. Yigong Shi's Blog

    Wikipedia links
    [1] Optical Window in Biological Tissue
    [2] Monte Carlo Method for Photon Transport
    [3] RTE and Diffusion Theory for Photon Transport in Biological Tissue

    [1] Haison Technology Inc. (Customized microscope incubator)