Jay Cheng (鄭 傑)
Ph.D., Cornell University, USA, 2003 (美國康乃爾大學電機博士)
Research fields: Wireless communications (無線通訊), Information theory (訊息理論)
                         Optical queueing theory (光排隊理論), High-speed switches (高速交換機)
                         Game theory (賽局論), Network science (網路科學)

Department of Electrical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Address: Department of Electrical Engineering
                National Tsing Hua University
                101, Sec. 2, Kuang-Fu Rd.
                Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013, R.O.C.

Office:     R811 Delta Building (台達館811)
Phone:     +886-3-5162207
Fax:         +886-3-5715971
Lab:         R805 EECS Building (資電館805), ext. 34154

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Running: Full/ultra marathons (>70 times, PB: 3:26:53); 100 km (once); 12H (twice)
Biking: Tour de Taiwan (>3 times, 1120~1130 km, 5-7 days; >10 times in part, 500~960 km, 2-4 days);
             Hsinchu/breakfast->Kaohsiung/dinner (>10 times, 317 km)