Huang(Yeh), Fon-Shan (葉鳳生)


Ph.D. Physics, Wayne State University, USA, 1979

Semiconductor Materials and Devices,

VLSI Process


Dr. Fon-Shan Hunag received her Ph.D. degree in Physics form Wayne State University. In1980, she joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsing Hua University andhas been working on spin glass, amorphous Si devices, Si doping in GaAs, GaAs MESFET, and Ultra-thin oxynitride. Currently, she is a professor and engaged in the development of silicide technology, barrier metal, and multilevel metallization.


Recent publications

Journal Papers

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Conference Papers

  1. Y. C. Chuang, Y. J. Guo, and F. S. Huang, "Effect of pretreatment on microstructure and electromigration of Al-Cu Alloy", (1996), Mat. Res. Soc. Sym., Boston, U. S.A.